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Get fit, healthy and confident without dieting

I lost over 80 pounds and feeling better than ever. I teach busy women over 40 how to Lose weight, feel confident, and ditch dieting forever! 


I’m Makita Harvey

I'm a 45-year-old mother of 2. I've struggled with weight my entire life. I've lost weight so many times that I've lost count. I would start a diet plan, lose weight, and regain it. 

My highest weight was over 230 pounds and I decided to make a lifestyle change and stop dieting! I begin to eat clean, exercise, and change my mindset. I lost over 80 pounds. It became my passion to help others.

I've assisted hundreds of people to lose weight, change their mindset, and get healthy. I've hosted over 20 weight loss challenges, and fitness classes, and developed resources to assist others in creating the best version of themselves.


I would love to help you as well. Are you ready?

Meet Makita Harvey

See The Transformation 🤯

Before & After Weightloss Journey Of Makita Harvey

I can help you achieve similar & better results. Are You Ready?

Before & After| Makita Harvey | WeightLoss
Before & After| Makita Harvey | WeightLoss
Before & After| Makita Harvey | WeightLoss
Before & After| Makita Harvey | WeightLoss

I created this for you ❤️

The Best Meal Plan

I created 6 months of Meal Plans, complete with a grocery list, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks full of healthy meals to lose weight and create a healthy lifestyle. Easy, Delicious, meals that gets you in and out of the kitchen fast!!

I've finally taken the guesswork out of what to eat, so you can focus on losing weight and creating your healthiest lifestyle!

Eat Clean,
Lose Weight,
Feel Energized,

Change your mindset!

Two of the biggest questions I get asked are;

"How did you lose weight?" and

"How do I get started?" 


Introducing my eBook  "50 tips that helped me lose 80 pounds!"  In this book, I shared tips that helped me change my nutrition, fitness, and most importantly, my mindset related to food and loving myself! 

This book is a MUST-HAVE if you are deliberate and consistent in getting the results you want and creating a lifestyle change!

Here are only a few tips you can expect:

  • How nutrition plays a role in your weight loss and overall health

  • How to use exercise as a tool for effective weight loss AND to build a healthy body

  • How to curb those snack cravings 

  • How to enjoy fun foods like pizza and still lose weight!

  • How to apply the mindfulness approach to get the results you desire!


I teach you how to create a lifestyle change and get off the diet roller coaster for good.


Hear From Our Clients ❤️
I've tried losing weight many times with no success. When I joined the "Creating My Best Self" weight loss/fitness program my way of thinking about weight loss totally changed. It's a lifestyle change. I lost 12 pounds on this program Working with Makita is AWESOME!!!
She is there anytime you have a question or need those words of encouragement. She never lets you feel like you are on this journey alone. This program helped me change my lifestyle and how I think about food. If you are willing to put in the work, then I would definitely recommend this program.
I am one satisfied client!!!


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